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Skin Lightening

This treatment is based on glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant. It is often used for immune support and treatment of a variety of medical conditions. It has the positive effect of lightening skin tone and treating hyperpigmentation (dark marks on skin). Glutathione is used is a variety of forms, the most effective of which is IV therapy.

Immune Booster

The immune support treatments were originally developed to support patients who are suffering from an immune disorder. This proved to be effective and is now being offered to the general public, either as preventative maintenance or to treat a problem. The treatments support the immune system and help alleviate any shortages which the patient may be experiencing.


Restore the balance in your body by infusing it with nutrients and essential vitamins that will surely make you feel young and full of lasting energy. As we age we our bodies gradually get less efficient in digesting and absorbing our food. So even with a balanced diet we may still lack some essential building blocks that we need to lead a healthy happy live. At Infusion Lab we aim to restore the balance that will surely make you feel young and energetic.

Energy Booster

The energy booster contains immune supporting ingredients as well as a cocktail of vitamins and minerals to increase energy levels. This will help to keep energy levels up during a demanding time, or for anybody which is currently suffering from fatigue.

Recover and Revitalise

If you find yourself drained and worn out after a marathon, set of exams or important deadline, this cocktail is for you. This is designed to restore your energy levels and get your immune system back on track as soon as possible by providing the nutrients which you have depleted. This can be customised for you to suit your individual needs.

Weight Loss

Our weight loss treatment is designed to support you on your journey to a healthier and more confident you. This treatment is designed to increase your metabolism in order to burn more energy, while simultaneously increasing energy levels in order to support your lifestyle change.


This new age treatment has long been popular among celebrities for many years. Infusion Lab has sought only the best medical grade ingredients and through extensive research developed these products. The dosage of active ingredients is often greater than competitors but the pricing is amongst the best in South Africa.

I felt rejuvenated and energetic directly after treatment. No pills ever made me feel this good in years.


I recovered much faster after my marathon. The treatment was highly effective.


The skin lightening really works. My body tone has gotten to the lightness I wanted.


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